Spice Caravan

What our customers say

Every single person said your food was wonderful. I loved every bite. Thank you for inspirational, creative cuisine. 

I wasn’t going to eat but when I saw the food I changed my mind

Thank you so much for everything – your constantly smiling professionalism, your untiring unflappability and beyond all your wonderful, delicious fresh and tasty cooking – you were the perfect partners for a grassroots celebration of food. 

Thank you and the two ladies (Kinsi and Ayesha) for coming to the Christmas Market.  The food was delicious and I would be happy to recommend you to others for similar events.  Shelleyna Rahman, Economic Development and Regeneration, Westminster City Council

My bloody son said “this rice is so much better than yours, mum”

It was absolutely lovely food and lovely people, thank you
Absolutely fantastic and home cooked food. Wonderful

They were great and everyone was very impressed last Saturday.  George Latham (client)

The food was delicious! We loved meeting your group of women who have inspired us even more! Please keep cooking!

Amazing food. Can’t believe how you made so much stunning food so easily. Delish. X

The food was absolutely brilliant and everyone from Spice Caravan so friendly – big smiles all round. The concept of bringing the varied culinary traditions worked brilliantly with all the tastes and smells complimenting each other. Thank you! 

Happy happy, love love! This was amazing and delicious and you are absolutely wonderful! 

Events and venues

Celebrating Sanctuary Festival (South Bank)

Gefiltefest (Jewish Food Festival)

Good Food Festival (Brunswick Square)

Kilburn Festival

Lexi Cinema in the park

Ms Marmite’s Underground Market

Queens Park Farmers Market

Race Equality Foundation

Respect Festival

Stadium Housing Association

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (Brent)

Three Trees Children’s Centre

Transition Town Harvest Festival

Tricycle Theatre