Spice Caravan

About Us

We’re a group of 7 mothers from five different countries. We met through Salusbury WORLD, a refugee charity at Salusbury Primary School, where our children go. 

We first cooked together to raise funds for school events and had such long queues to buy our food – hundreds of customers! Some of us had wanted for years to have our own restaurant and that gave us the confidence to be ambitious, do business training together and start our own co-operative in 2010.  

Our first event was our biggest – we sold 500 meals at the Celebrating Sanctuary Festival on the South Bank. Some of us worked 26 hours that weekend. 

Since then we’ve had wonderful support from the school and local community in asking us to cook at events and birthdays and volunteering to help develop the business side. We also had grants from the Queens Park Area Residents Association and Brent Council to help us get started. A special mention to then 6 year old Sabrina Tadjeroot who thought of our name over breakfast. 

We now cater about twice a week, including every Tuesday for some school staff. We’ve learned a lot of skills, have a job, are more confident, have made friends and know a lot more local people than when we started.



Sarah Reynolds, Manager of Salusbury World on the impact of Spice Caravan: 

“The refugee parents now feel far more confident in all their dealings with the school and local businesses. They have become properly active local citizens, getting involved in volunteering, cycling and coming up with new ideas all the time. There is an air of optimism, humour and confidence that we have never witnessed before.”